Domain Names and Brexit

What are the consequences of Brexit on domain names ?

Domain Names and Brexit

On December 31st, 2020, the UK left the European Union. This withdrawal is having many consequences, particularly in relation to domain names. For example, there was an impact on the domain name portfolios of British individuals and companies.

It is important for businesses to know what domain names are available to them. To do so, the policies adopted by the various European Registries, whether European ccTLDs or national ccTLDs and other geoTLDs, must be taken into account.

EU : the European TLD

Since January 1st, 2021, EURid (.EU Registry) no longer allows the registration of new .EU domain names by British registrants. Moreover, from that date, EURid no longer allows the transfer of a domain name to a British registrant.

As a result, the eligibility criteria have evolved. With regard to the European regulations in force on the subject, .EU domain names can now be registered by:

  • A European Union citizen, regardless of his place of residence;
  • An individual person who is not a citizen of the Union and who resides in a member state;
  • A company established within the Union; or
  • An organization established in the Union, without prejudice to applicable national law.

The only exception being a British citizen residing in the European Union – they are eligible to register for a .EU domain.



ccTLDs of the Member State of the European Union

British individuals and companies are no longer allowed to register a ccTLDs domain related to the following European countries:

British individuals and companies will be able to keep their domains in some European countries such as:

British ccTLD .uk and its SLDs ?

Despite Brexit, the conditions of eligibility remain the same. European individuals and legal entities can still register a .UK domain name under the same conditions as before December 31st, 2020. All the British SLDs managed by Nominet are not affected.

geoTLDS of the Member State of the European Union

These extensions are linked to a city, a region or a cultural community. Most of the time, some eligibility rules should be respected and/or sometimes a content control or cultural interest may be required. Some are open to British citizens and some are not. You can find out more on this blog post.

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Aegir Digital 16 Apr 2021

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