For most of us, these last two years have been difficult, as businesses and consumers but more importantly as individuals. There is still uncertainty ahead of us, but one thing is sure, Christmas will take place in 3 days and 2021 will draw to a close in 10 days.

Despite the challenges, Aegir Digital has kept its existing customers and also gained several new ones. But we remember that some have been hit by travel restrictions, such as our customers in the aviation industry. Others who were able to, have been impacted by social distancing, and have had to transform their ways of working from face to face services to online services. But others providing physical goods such as cycles have been thriving. We’re thankful to all our customers and we truly admire their resilience throughout the last year.

So, yes, we will celebrate the resilience of our customers and we thank them for their efforts.

As a Christmas gift, we will be offering from 24/12/2021 to 31/01/2022 a 10% discount on any new Microsoft Office for Business subscriptions and a 10% discount on our any Web Hosting subscriptions. Stay tuned!

Have a nice Christmas and new year’s eve.