Shutting down the Doncaster Sheffield Airport PRM App

Updated 12 November 2022

It’s with deep sadness that we have started shutting down the PRM App for Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

The PRM App allowed passenger service assistants to manage passengers with Special Service Requests (SSRs) since 2018. This was a milestone as staff dealing with SSRs did not have a digital system prior to 2018 and numerous awards have been received since using the system.

After implementing the digital system, the operation received numerous awards such as a “Very Good” rating awarded by the Civil Aviation Authority and UK Best Airport from “Which”.

The PRM App had been developed whilst Interserve held the contract and then by Westgrove whilst Doncaster Sheffield Airport were receiving daily updates.

The PRM App has handled 36704 flights and there has been 41355 assistance requests for 20143 unique passengers.

Air Service Assistants and their managers will not be able to sign into the system anymore as they are no flights to synchronise.

Aegir Digital will ensure that passenger’s, colleague’s and flight information remain secure. If you have any questions regarding data handling, please contact us.

We are really sorry, and we wish colleagues all the best in their future career.

Published 5 November 2022
Category: Blog

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