We've joined the Conscious Advertising Network

The Conscious Advertising Network is a voluntary coalition of over 30 organisations set up to ensure that industry ethics catches up with the technology.

We've joined the Conscious Advertising Network

By joining CAN, we're sharing their belief and encouraging all our customers and partners to share the same values.

It is our belief that industry ethics must now catch up with the technology of modern advertising. Brands do not live in a vacuum and the money spent on advertising has a profound impact on society. The advertising industry, from brands and agencies to adtech, is perfectly placed to consciously change both their operations and the content they produce in pursuit of making communications that are better for all. Our shared ambition is that:

• Ad fraud should be eradicated
• The industry and content it produces should be as diverse as we are
• Neither hate speech nor deliberately misleading ‘fake news’ should be funded by brands
• Consent should be informed and people seen as active participants in their online experience
• And, as forms of advertising to or around children evolve, so shouldthe safeguards to their wellbeing

View CAN 6 manifestos and their partners. If you would like to share and commit to the same values, sign up to CAN

Aegir Digital
Aegir Digital 10 Apr 2019

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