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What we do to help our community

We do our best to help local groups, charities and projects. If your project can benefit Gainsborough, let us know.

Gainsborough in Bloom

They are building a committee of local residents, businesses, community groups and organisations who will work together to improve seven sites around Gainsborough making it a greener, cleaner and more attractive place for everyone.

Link: Facebook page

Gainsborough Pride

This groups is for LGBT people, their friends, family and supporters living in Gainsborough and nearby. The group enables you to: come together as a community. Meet new friends, find and share useful information or ask for LGBT support. Suggest and promote your own meetups/venues/groups. Ideally build a community which will meet in Gainsborough to make this town open to everyone.

Link: Facebook page
Donations: Click here

Gainsborough Trinity FC

The ongoing situation with coronavirus has had a severely detrimental effect on all Football Clubs. This particularly affects non league clubs, who rely on supporters through the turnstiles on a fortnightly basis for a large portion of their income generation.
Blue Army: Inittogether to tackle Covid-19