PHP 7.2 is available now

PHP 7.2 is available now, in addition to previous php versions such as 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1

Baptiste Velan
Baptiste Velan 21-01-2019
PHP 7.2 is available now

PHP 7.2 has been officially released as of November 30, and it is available now for all Aegir Digital customers.

Of course, PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.0, as well as the old PHP 5.6 are still available (although we don't recommend to use 5.6).

Did you know that most of Wordpress websites are still running on PHP 5? Well , it's time to do something about it because the support for it has ended, or will soon, which will be leading to security issues. Also, the speed increase you can get from switching to the latest version will be huge.

Wordpress PHP versions

Wordpress PHP versions

To change your PHP version, head to your hosting panel, sign in, click on sites, then on your domain and select your php version.

You can read the benefits of PHP 7 over PHP 5.6 on a previous post, Advantages of PHP7. To learn more about PHP 7.2, visit the official PHP 7.2.0 Release Announcement.


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by Baptiste on 21 January 2019