Think2Speak become Aegir Digital's customer

Award winning social enterprise Think2Speak, led by Lizzie Jordan, become Aegir Digital's customer

Baptiste Velan
Baptiste Velan 22-02-2019
Think2Speak become Aegir Digital's customer

We're delighted to announce that Think2Speak, an award winning social enterprise led by Lizzie Jordan, have decided to choose Aegir Digital to provide web hosting and web development/design services.

We're currently working on a project which will allow Think2Speak's members and staff to share their resources more efficiently.

We have also recently provided Think2Speak with Office 365 for Business solutions.

We're really happy to work with a social enterprise which helps with LGBT+ social inclusion.

About Think2Speak

Think2Speak is award winning social enterprise seen in the Observer, BBC1, The Guardian, BBC Three, The Independent...

Think2Speak’s mission is to empower people to be confident communicators so that they’re able to talk about what is important in life. We equip people with the skills and knowledge to keep themselves safe and empower people to make life decisions with confidence.


Think2Speak Website

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