Hosting plans

All configurations include a Free SSL certificate, fast http/2 technology, unlimited bandwidth and Google PageSpeed module. Hosted in Lincolnshire.


For personal blogs and small websites with light visitor traffic 5 Gb 2.2 GHz ( Dual-Core )


Price exc. VAT - per month


For website showcases and sites with moderate traffic
10 Gb
3.30 GHz (4 cores)


Price exc. VAT - per month


For online stores and websites with heavy or highly-variable traffic
20 Gb
3.70 GHz (4 cores)


Price exc. VAT - per month


Q: What is http/2
A: HTTP/2 is a new protocol for transporting data that will drastically speed up the web and can help your SEO. The ‘old’ HTTP1.1 protocol only allows web servers to send files down a single line one at a time, and that line has to open and close after each file has been sent – a process that can take ages. HTTP/2 offers a dramatic speed boost as the line can be kept open and a lot of stuff can be sent at once.
Q: What is a DV SSL certificate?
A: A DV SSL Certificate stands for Domain Validated certificate. It means that your certificate is issued instantly by checking you are the owner of the domain name. A green padlock will show in your browser bar.
Q: Can I customise my hosting?
A: You will soon be able to customise the hosting you need by adjusting the disk space and other options. In the meantime, please get in touch if you have any special requirements.