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Baptiste originally founded the company in 2014 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, under the name Aegir Creative. He started developing websites since 2000. The first website created was for a French model agency, Onlymode, containing a database of models. Later on, it became obvious that hosting the websites we designed would benefit our customers, giving us the ability to offer tailored and adapted offers to their different needs.

In 2016, Interserve became our customer, along with other big or small UK based companies from diverse sectors such as Clip Learning, Donington Park, Skills Holidays, McEwens Coaches ... And since then more organisations have enjoyed working with us. You will find these companies in our portfolio.

Aegir Digital is named after a type of Norse entity "Ægir", known for being a friend of the gods and hosting elaborate parties for them. It is also the name of the tidal bore which happens on the river Trent in Gainsborough.

Aegir Digital is a digital agency based in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
We specialise in web hosting and website development and design.
What makes us unique is our locally owned web servers and our long-standing relationship with our customers.

Peace of mind

Aegir Digital have a Professional Indemnity Insurance of £50,000.

We're insured for:

  • development and supply of software,
  • IT consultancy and related activities such as:
  • data processing,
  • data warehousing,
  • domain name registration,
  • outsourced services,
  • systems analysis or design,
  • telecommunications or data services,
  • maintenance, web design or web hosting services


  • Domain name search
  • Easy reservation
  • Excellent support
  • Local web servers
  • Choice of Hosting plans
  • Affordable SSL certificates
  • Help businesses to switch to digital
  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Affordable activesync emails


  • Rossington Club
  • Think2Speak
  • Security Arm Protection
  • Westgrove Group / Doncaster Sheffield AIrport
  • Clip Learning
  • Donington Collections



Baptiste is the founder and director of Aegir Digital. Web design, web apps and hosting are his favourite things.



Jeremy looks after the accounts and customer queries.

Sales Executive

Our sales executive is responsible for selling our products and services to potential customers.