Gainsborough websites http/2 network protocol survey

Updated 12 November 2022

We’ve selected 10 websites in Gainsborough which we thought were well-known and representative. The selection includes a mixture of public and private organisations. Public organisations amount to 30% and private organisations represent 70% of our test.

To find out more about the http/2 network protocol, please read We’ve switched to HTTP/2. What are the benefits?

WebSiteNetwork ProtocolScore*HTTP/2.00.5
*Some sections are still HTTP/1.1

Our survey of these 10 websites shows that there is only 25% of organisations in Gainsborough which use the http/2 protocol.

Why such a low score?

We noted that Public organisations mainly use IIS (Acronym for Microsoft Internet Service, which is a Microsoft web server) and their versions of IIS might not be http/2 compatible. They might not be able to upgrade their version because of the costs in doing so.

Other organisations, not using IIS, might not be aware of the new network protocol and the benefits it brings or might be tied to their current web hosting provider.

We found that most are using Apache or NGINX web servers.

The score might be improved by adding more organisations/businesses to our survey. If you are interested in joining our survey, please comment below or contact us.

We will try to survey Gainsborough organisations next year, so stay tuned!

Published 16 September 2019
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