How can a word cloud benefit an organisation?

Updated 12 November 2022

We have implemented a word cloud for one of our customers in Gainsborough. This particular customer is an organisation which provides support for vulnerable people who sometimes have complex needs too.

You will wonder how a word cloud can help this organisation? Well, the word cloud is created from the agents’ notes, so all keywords are considered in real time. On one single page, the person responsible for their caseload can see what the keywords in their notes are.

The keywords are weighed by recurrence, this means that the more they appear, the more they will increase in size. Of course, short words are filtered out .

This is useful for swiftly recognising what has been noted and what problems customers face. For example, in this case, the word “mental” shows 146 recurrence and indicates probable mental health concerns. The word therefore shows in a bigger font to highlight the importance of the recurrence.

When the responsible person clicks on the word, they are redirected to the list of notes which contains this word; by reading through the list of notes, the person can clearly identify the latest notes, access the customers’ file, and then can take the appropriate action.

Of course, this relies on accurate notes being entered by the agent, but this has a clear focus. Looking after customers well and supporting the most vulnerable when their lives could be at risk.

We’re really proud of delivering for this customer.

Published 30 August 2022
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