Gainsborough websites http/2 network protocol survey

We’ve selected 10 websites in Gainsborough which we thought were well-known and representative. The selection includes a mixture of public and private organisations. Public organisations amount to 30% and private organisations represent 70% of our test. To find out more about the http/2 network protocol, please read We’ve switched to HTTP/2. What are the benefits? […]

Image formats that make your website faster

The GIF format is the only animated image format which is visible in any web browser, making it the de-facto format for basic animation on the web, despite terrible quality (256 colors), binary transparency (no partial transparency), and not so good compression. Well, this may change. A few days ago, WebP reached support in most […]

Good bye to Donington Collection

It’s with great sadness that Donington Collections have asked us to close their website. On 5 November 2018, Donington Collections ceased their activities. Now, with the circuit being operated by Motor Sport Vision, the Donington Collection is considered unsustainable and will close in November. The remaining exhibits are being returned to owners or sold. “Closing […]