Aegir Digital sponsors Gainsborough in Bloom

Aegir Digital, a web company in Lincolnshire, have decided to sponsor Gainsborough in Bloom for its 2015 edition.

Baptiste Velan
Baptiste Velan 01-06-2015
Aegir Digital sponsors Gainsborough in Bloom
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Flowers and watering can in a garden

The aim of Gainsborough in Bloom is to build a committee of local residents, businesses, community groups and organisations who will work together to improve seven sites around Gainsborough making it a greener, cleaner and more attractive place for everyone.

As a web company based in Gainsborough, we think that living in a beautiful environment matters for ourselves as a business, as residents, the people we work with and any other visitors. That's why we decided to sponsor this great initiative.

You can read more on Gainsborough in Bloom website


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