How do I update my site with FTP?

Updated 22 March 2023

You can access your site via FTP (file transfer protocol) by using any FTP software. There are various FTP software and many are free and even open source. For example, you can use Filezilla or your website editing software which may have an FTP page upload/download feature.

What information do I need to enter?

You will need to enter: your website, your FTP username and your password as per the example below. Although this is the Filezilla configuration, all FTP software requires the same information:

In the transfer tab, you will see further options such as passive or active mode or default mode. Aegir Digital Hosting supports active, passive and default options. If your broadband provider blocks the standard FTP mode, you can use the passive mode.

You would have received your FTP password when joining Aegir Digital.

If you have lost it or cannot connect to your site via FTP, please open a support ticket.

Published 22 March 2023

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